Running a non-profit organization can often feel like you are chasing a moving target. With the
ever-changing rules and regulations governing the nonprofit arena, it can sometimes be a full-time
job just to ensure that your organization is in compliance. Do you ever wish you had a one-stop
resource with the required expertise in not only the financial aspect of running a nonprofit
organization, but in the nonprofit industry as a whole? You deserve a firm that will treat you as a
valued partner and not just another client who gets visited once a year.

  • 990 compliance: Are you wondering how to keep up with all the new regulations affecting the
    nonprofit 990 information return? Our professionals attend regular classes to not only learn
    the new rules, but to educate themselves about changes that could occur in the future. We
    will provide templates for developing all policies required under the 990, including whistle-
    blower and conflict of interest policies.

  • Unrelated business income tax assistance: Is your nonprofit organization really exempt from
    taxes? We will help you understand the rules and implications of unrelated business income
    tax, including which forms of revenue are taxable and how they may affect your organization.

  • Nonprofit 501(c) organization formation assistance: We understand that forming a nonprofit
    organization can be a daunting task that may sometimes seem insurmountable. Our
    experience, as well as the experience of our vast network of attorneys, can help put your mind
    at ease and let you focus on developing and fighting for your organization’s mission.
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Dallas, Tax Preparer, Tax Services, Tax Professional, EA, Tax Return, 1040, 1120, 990
Dallas, Tax Preparer, Tax Services, Tax Professional, EA, Tax Return, 1040, 1120, 990