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Tax Planning

Traditional tax planners crunch numbers to illustrate what-if scenarios based on future
assumptions.  They give clients dry numbers in more detail then they need or want.  But clients
don't want numbers.  Clients want savings.

Saving tax money is what Strategic Tax Group tax coaching is all about.  Rather than focusing on
projections that may or may not materialize, the company's professionals quiz clients on what's
happening in their lives right now - their families and homes, jobs, businesses and investments.

This approach enables us to put ourselves in your shoes and mesh our technical knowledge with
your business acumen.  Using that information we recommend specific, customized strategies for
saving tax dollars.  We package those recommendations in plain English to deliver the savings our
clients really want.

That's the kind of proactive approach that Strategic Tax Group has become known for.  We make
things happen rather than wait for them to happen.

Always innovative and entrepreneurial when it comes to improving a client's bottom line, Strategic
Tax Group thinks there's a lot more to being your tax professional than preparing a tax return.

We become part of your team working with you to help make higher profits and accomplish your
goals.  Since 1986, Strategic Tax Group has provided expert service in a full rant of planning needs
to a broad spectrum of clients.

Strategic Tax Group's tax coaching service include a personalized written report and ongoing
maintenance of changing tax laws.  Come see us to prepare your business or personal income
return and start your tax plan strategies.  

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Dallas, Tax Preparer, Tax Services, Tax Professional, EA, Tax Return, 1040, 1120, 990