IRS Series of Notices

Upon receipt of a tax return or other document showing a balance due, the following process
takes place in the Internal Revenue Service Center. Within several weeks after receipt of the
document, the information is placed on the computer system. That system will then initiate a
series of notices.
  • The first notice issued is a document titled “Request for Payment,” which informs the
    taxpayer that there is a balance due on the return, states the amount of tax, interest and
    penalties due, and requests payment within ten days. This is the notice statutorily
    required for the creation of a valid Federal Tax Lien. If the liability is for individual
    income taxes, and the liability is relatively small, the taxpayer will normally receive four
    subsequent notices before the IRS proceeds to take any administrative collection
  • If the liability is not paid after the initial notice, the taxpayer will receive a second notice,
    “Reminder,”   Notice 501.
  • The IRS will issue Notice 503, “Urgent, Immediate action is required “, five weeks after
    the first notice. The taxpayer will receive Notice 504, “Urgent, We intend to levy on
    certain assets. Please respond NOW.” in the mail five weeks after issuance of  Notice 503
    if payment is not made after that notice. Notice 504 is the nastiest of the IRS letters.
  • If the taxpayer fails to pay after Notice 504 the matter will be referred for collection by
    the Automated Collection System (ACS). If ACS is unsuccessful in collecting or resolving
    the matter the IRS will then issue Letter 1058, “FINAL NOTICE, NOTICE OF INTENT TO

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